Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What is EMS?
EMS stands for “Emergency Medical Services,” which helps to identify personnel who are licensed by the state of Tennessee to provide medical care outside of the hospital or medical office setting. There are different levels of EMS providers, including First Responder, Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic. Each level requires different training, with paramedic being the highest trained individual.

What type of service does Bedford County EMS provide?
Bedford County EMS provides 24-hour Advanced Life Support service to the county. The staff consists of Tennessee licensed emergency medical technicians and paramedics who are prepared to handle any medical emergency, from bumps and bruises you may receive from automobile accident to the more serious cardiac arrest situation. Advanced Life Support Paramedics bring the emergency room to you and will begin lifesaving treatment immediately.

Where can I get a copy of a run report?
To receive your EMS record, please contact us at 931-684-4403

I have questions about my ambulance bill. Who can I contact?
To get more details about your bill please call our billing department at 931-684-4403

How do I file a complaint or compliment?
You may submit a Complaint Form or a Commendation Form.

Who can I call if I lost something on the ambulance?
Please call the EMS Supervisor at 931-808-8013

How do I find out about employment?
Employment information

How do I find out on becoming a volunteer?
Volunteer Information